Float Heavy Loads on Air

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160 Tons 7 Tons

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80 Tons 160 Tons

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7 Tons 80 Tons


From automated, custom-built, industrial transport vehicles, to simple, manual, "off-the-shelf" systems, American Solving manufactures and sells equipment solutions for moving heavy loads.

Utilizing Solving's air bearing (air caster) solutions, heavy loads weighing from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of tons can be moved safely, with minimum effort, in any direction, and can be positioned precisely, even in the most confined spaces. All while reducing wear and strain on floor surfaces and structure.


Manually Moving a 7-ton Machine

The primary component of our pneumatic- powered, heavy-load handling systems.

We stock a full range of sizes, capacities, and accessories, ready to ship as replacement parts, complete rigging kits (See Air Bearing Rig Sets), or components for OEM custom-build projects. Most standard sizes can usually ship same day or within 24 hours.

Solving air bearing modules offer the highest capacity-to-size/weight ratio in the industry!


The Solving Air Bearing
(Shown with opitional center and corner landing pads installed)

Our most basic, simple, complete heavy-load handling system.

A one-size-fits-many, modular, off-the-shelf rigging tool for occasional moves of various heavy loads; or for fitting permanently to dedicated equipment to enhance mobility.

Move 10,000 lbs or more by hand!

We stock Rig Sets with capacities ranging from less than 2,000 lbs to more than 150 tons.


Pneumatic Powered Rigging Equipment

Our standard air bearings (air casters), drive units, and pneumatic/electronic control logic are designed into a structural steel framework to create a complete transport vehicle, built-to-order, to handle your heavy load in a specific application.

One person can easily maneuver hundreds of tons!


Air Film Transporter

Solving's wheeled vehicles are offered in applications where either compressed air or sealed floor surfaces are not available and floors are tough enough to withstand the increased point-loading and friction created by high load-bearing wheels.

Solving has delivered electric-powered wheeled vehicles with capacities of 150 tons!


U-shaped Wheeled Vehicle

With available lifting capacities over 85 tons and powered by only compressed air, Pneumatic Lifting Jacks are a perfect fit for our heavy-load handling solutions.

Use with an air bearing rig set to lift/lower machinery on/off of air bearing modules.

Or use in any application where a simple means is desired to lift heavy loads.