Float Heavy Loads on Air

The Highest Capacity Rig Sets in the Industry!

Features of SOLVING's Air Bearing Rig Sets Include:

All the unique features of SOLVING's Air Bearing Modules, Plus:

  • Highest available capacities in the industry!(See our Rig Set capacities in the technical data sheet here)
  • Quick-connect/disconnect couplings at all hose connections.
  • Twist-on/off hose fittings can be quickly and easily removed for replacement or adaptation, without cutting hose or wrestling with barbed hose fittings.
  • Pressure regulator controls, as opposed to flow regulators, provide more reliable air bearing performance on less-than-perfect floor surfaces.
  • Precision, pilot-operated pressure regulators for finely-tuned, repeatable pressure settings.
  • Real rubber air hoses remain strong and flexible, unlike pvc hoses which become stiff and brittle over time.
  • Service friendly control box incudes regulator service ports and all push-in tube connections easily accessible via hinged box lid.
  • Optional umbilical attached hand control puts regulator controls, gauges, and E-stop button in the palm of operator's hand. 
  • Full inventory of replacement parts in stock in Brook Park, Ohio.
  • Stocked, Assembled, Sold, Shipped, Serviced and Supported all from the same location in Brook Park, Ohio!

SMOOTH, SEALED, LEVEL floor surfaces are required. Contact American Solving for floor requirements or a specifications brochure.

📄 View and download the Air Bearing Rig Set Technical Data Sheet


An Air Bearing Rig Set is a complete, modular kit, consisting of multiple Air Bearing Modules, interconnecting air hoses and a pneumatic control box for regulating the air pressure to the system.

Standard Rig Sets Consist of:
  • Air Bearing Elements (4)
  • Load Modules (4)
  • Interconnecting Air Hoses (4)
  • Pneumatic Control Box (1)
Additional Options May Include:
  • Hand-held Pendant Controller (umbilical attached)
  • Air Supply Hose
  • Six Module Systems
  • Alternative Hose Lengths
  • Air Jacks

Call today to learn how easy it is to move heavy loads on air with Solving's Rig Sets and other pneumatic-powered heavy load handling solutions!

An Air Bearing Rig Set provides omni-
directional movement of Heavy Loads

Air Bearings are also called
air casters or air skates



As a Rigging Tool
Use among your fleet of Rigging equipment.  Sometimes referred to as Air Skates, Air Bearings can be used in place of traditional machinery skates or together with them to transport and position heavy machinery.  Air bearings reduce the risk of floor damage by minimizing spot loading and surface friction.   Most loads under 10-ton can be moved manually without other rigging equipment.

Retrofit existing frames or carts
Air Bearing Modules can be loaded directly, or they can be permanently fastened to the underside of a load carrying structure.  When installed on wheeled carts, keep the air bearings deflated while using the wheels to transport the empty cart.  When the cart is fully loaded, inflate the Air Bearings, which will lift the cart's wheels off the floor, and proceed to float the cart on a film of flowing air. 

Build Your Own Air Pallet
Take our standard Air Bearing Rig Set and build it into your own framed Pallet.  Equip a Push/Pull handle and you now have an ergonomic air pallet that can be interfaced with your loads with very little set-up.


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