Float Heavy Loads on Air

High Capacity Wheeled Vehicles

Each of Solving's Wheeled Vehicles is built-to-order for a specific application.

Available options and features include:

  • U-shaped or rectangular platform frames
  • Internal powered hydraulic lift system for automatic loading/unloading and load balancing
  • Single drive/steer wheel design or multiple, 180 degree rotating drive units for fully omnidirectional movement
  • Ride-on, radio remote, or console control
  • On-board electric battery power or 100% pneumatic powered vehicles
  • Capacities up to 150 tons

When are Wheeled Vehicles the right solution?

  • When floors are tough enough to withstand the point-loading and friction created by wheels
  • When sealed floor surfaces are not available
  • When the benefits of wheels are more important than minimum operating height and minimum vehicle size
  • When initial monetary investment and operating costs are justified

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U-shaped Wheeled Vehicle can pick-and-place rolls or coils directly from/to the floor


U-shaped, ride-on Wheeled Vehicle is used to pick-and-place heavy loads that remain on "slave pallets"


Omnidirectional, radio controlled Wheeled Vehicle can move heavy loads in all directions