Float Heavy Loads on Air

Air Film Transporters

Each of Solving's Air Film Transporters is built-to-order for a specific application.

Available options and features include:

  • Highest capacities in the industry, relative to overall transporter size and height.
  • U-shaped or rectangular platform frames.
  • Designed for direct top loading or self-loading pick-and-place capability.
  • Slide-mounted air bearings can be easily removed for inspection or replacement, even while the Transporter remains loaded.
  • Platforms lift via inflation of the air bearings, without need for additional hydraulic or pneumatic lifting mechanisms (in most applications).
  • Internal, pneumatic or electric, steerable drive units.
  • Omnidirectional movement, including 360 degree rotation on own center axis.
  • Wireless radio or umbilical-attached hand-held remote control.
  • Informational LCD display located on hand-held remote control.
  • 100% pneumatic powered option eliminates batteries and electrical contacts.
  • Internal hose reel.
  • Optional optical guidance system can follow paths marked on the floor.
  • Capacities exceeding a million pounds!

When are Air Film Transporters the right solution?

  • For moving the largest of large, heavy loads efficiently and safely.
  • When minimum operating height and overall transporter size are critical.
  • For frequent, repetitive moves of similarly sized loads.
  • When preservation of floor surfaces is desired.
  • When the most versatile and agile steering and movement is required.
  • When a relatively low-maintenance transport solution is preferred.
  • For moving extremely large and heavy loads on a reasonable budget.
  • In explosive environments

See examples of various built-to-order Air Film Transporters working in their specific applications


Air Film Transporters include structural steel load-carrying framework, multiple slide-mounted air bearings, and internal, steerable drive units


Self-loading rectangular platform Air Film Transporter can pick-and-place loads that remain on slave pallets


Typical radio remote includes joy sticks for controlling speed and direction and an informational LCD center display


U-shaped, self-loading Air Film Transporter can pick-and-place large cable reels directly from/to the floor